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Web Design is not just a case of making your site look good, important as that is. It is about really thinking about what your users want in terms of content and functionality – and then giving it to them.

We follow a tried and tested Web Design Process and are ISO 9001 accredited to ensure quality control procedures are always followed.

Web Design Services

Morello have one clear goal as a company and that is to meet and exceed your Web Design expectations. Working from our offices in Shrewsbury, we have built web sites for clients throughout Shropshire, the West Midlands and the whole UK. Our Drupal Web Developers will build you a great site on the fantastic Drupal Web Development platform, but how it looks and interacts with your users is just as important for a successful site. Your site needs to reflect your brand values, with the right balance of images, content and functionality to maximise your desired outcomes. In order to achieve this, we will work with you to negotiate the steps below.
Persona profiles

Persona profiles – Define Your Target Markets With Persona Profiles

Let’s assume you sell widgets. If we know you sell widgets that appeal to middle aged men who drive fast cars and like football, we have a much better chance of reaching them than if we know nothing about them …

Identifying what appeals to your target market is the process known as Persona Profiling. The objective of Persona Profiling is to arrive at a set of potential users of your website where you “know” them. By “knowing” them we mean that you have properly identified their characteristics:

  • what are their behaviours and habits?
  • how do they buy?
  • are they price sensitive?
  • do they focus on brands? etc ….

Once we have identified the behaviour and habits of your online audience, we can then deliver them a web experience and content they will like which should therefore increase your chances of converting a visitor into a customer. 

Information Architecture

Information Architecture – Organise Your Content With Information Architecture

A really important part of the web design process is organising your content. This is known as Information Architecture. Google loves quality unique content and your visitors love your content too – hence the phrase “Content is King”.

What content do your visitors want to see? They want to see what they are looking for! – so give them what they are looking for!

Once we have performed the Persona Profiling, we will have a good idea of what your visitors expect to see. This will lead to a list of topics/pages that need to be written. It also makes sense to produce content that is optimised for search engines. We would therefore strongly advise that an initial SEO Audit is performed for the site at this stage. This will suggest those subject areas that are the most popular amongst searchers and these should be given prominence within the site structure.

Building your site is much like building a building – it needs all the elements to be in the right place in order for it to function efficiently – if a building only has one bathroom it will get rather busy! – if your site only has one path to a particular section it won’t get busy at all!


Wireframes – Structure Your Website Content With Wireframes

Once we have worked through how all your content fits together and flows, we will then start to organise tha layout of the individual pages. We do this by using what are known as wireframes – these are non designed plans of each page – where should the calls to action sit, what should be above the fold, what content should appear where on the page.

Wireframes are a bit like the plans an architect would design if he was building your house. You won’t necessarily know that the walls will be painted blue, but you do need to know where the doors are! It is the same with a wireframe – there is no creative design, although we do involve the designers at this stage for additional creativity. Keeping the visual design out of the picture allows us to prototype user journeys etc without visual distractions getting in the way.

Once the wireframes are agreed, we then pass them to the design team who turn the concept into reality.

Creative Designs

Creative Designs – Maximise Conversion With Good Design

Your web design “look & feel” is a very important part of the conversion process. It is also the bit you’ve been waiting for as you start to see something tangible!

The way your site is designed needs to

  • encapsulate and promote your brand
  • encourage conversion
  • make your customers want to come back

Your web site is much like a retail outlet. You won’t catch Hermes selling its goods from a market stall or a tatty back street shop – this would degrade the brand and people who want to buy Hermes would not be comfortable within such an environment. Conversely, if you are operating a One Pound aisle online, a highly designed and obviously expensive site would be inappropriate for your target audience.

Working to any corporate style guides that you have, we can now work with you to prepare a creative brief for the designers to work to.  Once we have a concept that you are happy with, we will refine the creatives until you sign off the design. At this point the designs are passed to the developers for implementation.


Development – Build Your Website On a Stable, Solid And Scalable Platform

Once the designs are all agreed, we then need to actually build the site! As a company, we focus on using Drupal as our main platform for development. If you have a particular requirement to use another platform, we may still be able to help you, but Drupal is so good, we can’t think of a reason to use anything else! 


Analytics – Use Your Analytics Data to Keep Improving

Once your site is built, it is important that it continues to evolve over time, primarily through the addition of fresh and interesting content. Google likes to see lots of fresh content, and so do your visitors and customers. By looking at your analytics data you can see which areas of the site are performing well and also those areas that don’t seem to be as popular.

We can work with you on this process, setting up A/B test scenarios if required to see which content performs better from a conversion point of view.

The key thing to recognise though is that you should review the analytics data on a regular basis to keep improving the site’s performance.

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