Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is really important for your site. The vast majority of users will still find you on Google, so unless you are well ranked your traffic will not be what you hope for.

We will optimise your site for the search engines using only ethical SEO techniques. Please see below for the steps we will follow.

Search Engine Optimisation

We provide Search Engine Optimisation services to clients across the West Midlands and the whole UK from our offices in Shrewsbury in Shropshire.

As a company, we only use ethical search engine optimisation techniques. This means that your site is far more likely to stay ranked rather than gaining a short exposure at the top of the list.

The reality about SEO is that you need Google to know what your site is about so it can let it’s customers know about those sites relevant to what they are searching for. This is the key message – remember Google has a job to do too, so as long as your content is on topic and not overly optimised you have a good chance of getting ranked. Making your content fantastic will increase the likelihood of people referencing it (linking to it) thereby improving your own ranking.

Keyword Research

An essential step in search engine optimisation is keyword research. Here competitive keywords and keyword demands, relating to your sites’ subject and content are found. Keyword research is done to maximize the impact of search engine optimisation and ensure that the phrases that the site is optimised for are phrases that are being searched for. When your site ranks well, more relevant customers come to the site, leading to an increase in enquires and sales. The accurate identification and careful selection of these important keywords and key phrases is the key to your sites’ success.

We create a defined list of high search demand, performing keywords for your project – much of the success of your SEO strategy relates to how well your site ranks for these phrases.

Competitor Analysis

This is for better search engine ranking performance.  Based on results from the keyword research, a study is made of your competitors who may already have high search engine rankings (for the chosen phrases), and how they are ranking so that we may target your website to compete effectively and build this into our overall strategy.

We will work with you to evaluate and analysis both online and offline competitors and make recommendation in relation to gaining required market share.

Page Content Optimisation

Page content optimisation is re-writing / adjusting the text that you initially supply for your site, in such a way that it becomes search engine friendly whilst remaining appealing to the site user.  Keywords relevant to your site are optimised so that your site ranks highly when search engines crawl your site.

We will work with you to ensure the correct pages and content are in place in order to focus the optimisation in relation to the content topic.

Page Attribute Optimisation

Page attribute optimisation refers to factors that have an effect on your website or web page(s) listing within natural search results e.g. Which page & position your site appears on in a search engine when a search is made for ‘Estate Agent Staines’ for example.

The majority of these factors are controlled by the coding within your website’s pages.  Examples of page attribute optimisation include:

  • Meta tags – the correct structure of title, description and keyword meta tags.
  • Keyword placement – how, when and where the related key phrase appears on the page and ensuring instances of contextual linking to relevant content.
  • Keyword density – ensuring that the page isn’t over optimised with too many key words.  Modified keywords can have an adverse effect on the value of the page within the search engine index.
  • Additional factors – include optimised images, important text bolded, the correct use of headings and sub heading to separate key content etc.

We will perform initial optimisation prior to site launch and work with you to ensure that any new content and / or pages are optimised effectively as they are added to the website.

Search Engine & Directory Submissions

If required, your site is submitted by hand to all the major search engines, directories and some specialised directories. Not all search engines and directories have the same rules for submission; therefore care is taken to submit to the appropriate search engines by following their specific guidelines.

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