Open Source Web Development

 Open Source Web Development is the way to go in our humble opinion. No licence fees, the ability to easily move suppliers and a constantly expanding library of widgets, modules and community backed ideas mean that an Open Source installation gives you fantastic scale and flexibility options.

We are not alone thinking this – the UK Government is now recommending Open Source as the route to follow!

Open Source Web Development

Open Source Web Development is great for you as a customer. In addition to not having licence fees to pay like you might have on a proprietary system you also have a great deal of flexibility with your supplier. This is because there are so many people out there who can help you with your site. Naturally, our intention is always to give you such a good service that you won’t ever leave but it is comforting to know that you have a choice rather than worrying about what happens if you do fall out with your chosen supplier.

As a Web Development Agency, we have used a variety of Open Source platforms over the years. We specialise in the Drupal Open Source Content Management System (CMS) for building non E Commerce sites and Drupal Commerce for those sites requiring E Commerce functionality. In the past we have built plenty of sites using WordPress for pure CMS sites and also Magento for E Commerce. If you have a particular need to use these platforms we will be more than happy to help you, but in the case of Magento our advice is to use a specialist Magento agency if you need something beyond a fairly basic installation. We have good relationships with other developers and will recommend an appropriate agency to you if we feel we can’t offer the level of expertise you will require.

Drupan Web Development

Drupan Web Development

We really like Drupal! We like the ethos of it being truly Open Source with a huge community of developers working tirelessly to improve and upgrade the functionality all of the time. We like its flexibility, the fact so many functionality requirements are available already through various modules and  plug ins, the fact that if you need something different we can custom programme it for you and with your agreement then share the module with the community. It really is a fantastic system!

From your point of view, the admin interfaces are simple and intuitive and can be customised as required, the “footprint” of the platform is small which means your site runs faster and with the ever expanding array of modules available you can extend your site as and when required. It is also free of licensing charges – what more could you ask for?!!.

When we say free, that is not entirely true however! Every open source platform available is continually upgraded, and it is more than likely that security exploits will be discovered – so you really do need some form of on – going maintenance package in place to ensure your site is up to date and secure. We won’t host your site on our servers without one of these packages in place to ensure that all sites on our server are secure and protected. For more reasons on why you should choose Drupal, please see our Drupal Web Development page.

Wordpress Web Development

WordPress Web Development

WordPress is a fantastic Open Source Web Development Platform.

From your point of view, the key thing to note is that when we develop a site for you in WordPress it is being built by a proper programmer. WordPress is really easy to use for building sites – until you want something a little different!

WordPress was initially forked from (i.e. spun out of) b2/cafelog back in 2003, focusing as a single user blogging platform – it has since expanded its focus to become a full ‘out of the box’ Content Management Systen (CMS) with many additional features and capabilities.

Frequently it is still used as a blogging platform, but as a framework using it’s custom post types and taxonomies, it can be used for ‘any’ type of website. It also powers very well known high profile websites, such as

We may be located in Shropshire and Birmingham in the West Midlands, but we can provide WordPress Development services throughout the UK.

Magento Development

Magento Development

Seemingly, almost the de facto choice these days for proper E Commerce, and a really great system! We have built quite a few sites using Magento from simple shops through to sites that link into internal ERP systems and the like.

As a company, we’d like to think that our programmers are pretty darn good! If the installation is straightforward without too many additional modules, they think it is a great system, but once you get to the point of adding lots of modules that is when issues can start arising. Certain modules may not work properly if other modules are already installed as an example. This compromises the overall quality of your system and as such we take the view that if you want something very clever we will likely point you in the direction of another developer who specialises in Magento. We know an excellent firm who we would recommend for those more complicated setups.

One of the joys about Open Source is that it is free – theoretically! Magento is a platform built for proper commercial sites and as such one might expect a degree of money to creep into the equation. If you want an all singing and dancing site built with the community edition of Magento you will likely need to have additional modules installed – whilst not overly expensive these modules cost money and it soon starts to add if you need lots of “extras” added. This is why we have actually chosen to focus on Drupal Commerce for E Commerce sites – you may have to pay us to configure modules and/or write you custom code but the Drupal community really frowns on people charging for modules – we rather like that ethos!

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