Google Adwords

Google Adwords is a great way of getting visitors to your site as only those people looking for your goods or services will be clicking through.

We are fortunate that we can work with Google themselves on optimising your campaign, so why not see what we can do for you.

Google Adwords

We are a Google Adwords Agency based in Shrewsbury in Shropshire with clients across the West Midlands and the whole UK.

Google Adwords is a highly measurable method of promoting your business on the Internet. It allows you to calculate a very accurate ROI on your advertising spend and should not be ignored.

A Typical Search Results Page from Google:

Google Adwords

Benefits of Google Adwords

  • You pay only for click-throughs from users who want to buy
  • Your ad reaches more than 78% of search engine users
  • You can advertise in 110+ countries worldwide
  • You gain new customers specifically interested in your products or services
  • You increase sales of your products or services
  • More visitors to your site
  • You make your brand more popular

Effectiveness of Internet Advertising

Surveys out among advertisers who use various forms of advertising, have shown the percentage of their satisfaction with each form of advertising. (Source: Google Pro Centre).

This survey has also proven that nothing can equal Google AdWords. More than 90% of the respondents have said that they are most satisfied with sponsored links, advertising on Google.

Satisfaction with Google AdWords is higher by some 32-57% compared to any other form of advertising.


Satisfaction with Google AdWords

Choosing your best strategy

Managing a Google AdWords campaign is the easy part – leave it to us. Deciding how assertive you want to be is up to you.

Aggressive Strategy

  • Our analysts suggest a budget tailored to ensure the highest rankings for your message
  • The cost per click is higher; deliberately aggressive to drive your site towards that all important first position
  • Though more costly, such a campaign offers the highest potential return on investment, aggressively presenting your brand in the optimum position at the time of most demand

Optimal Strategy

  • This type of campaign keeps your ranking well up on the first page, without the high costs necessary to be among the front-runners
  • Our analysts achieve this optimal budget by targeting alternative delivery methods & Ads to reach the highest possible rankings, at a fairly reasonable pay-per-click cost, alongside competitive sponsored links

Holding Strategy

  • This strategy presents your message in display, for as long as possible, without dropping too far from the leaders, maintaining the highest ranking possible against the competition’s sponsored links
  • With this option you are paying the lowest possible price per click

Combined SEO and AdWord Strategies

We can combine any of the above strategies with a Search Engine Optimisation strategy.

Achieving a highly ranked page 1 listing for a search phrase that you are bidding for, removes the need to continue bidding for that phrase, thus reducing direct costs.

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