Our charges are based on £80/hour, which equates to £600/day based on a 7.5 hour working day – this assumes a 9-5.30 working day with one hour for lunch.

We like to think that we are very transparent about fees and will always endeavour to provide you with a fixed price quote for work that we undertake.

How much will your site cost you?

This is never an easy question to answer, as each project tends to be different.

If we look at an E-Commerce site as an example, you may choose to go with a pre designed Drupal Commerce theme and not want it changing much – you can probably get a site like that for £3K, but you may want a very bespoke installation with lots of design elements and bespoke functionality that will end up costing considerably more!

Looking at a very basic brochure site, that might only cost you £1500 but a highly tailored CMS system with bespoke data flows as an example will be far more expensive.

All of the sites we build now require an on going maintenance contract in order to sit on our best servers. Maintenance contracts start at £100/mth with costs rising depending on the amount of installed modules.

We also offer support packages where we tailor the “support” to your requirements – you may have a site that you know will have lots of updates through the year, so we might allocate a set number of hours per month for you to draw against.

Hosting fees will again depend on the complexity of your site and the amount of bandwidth that you use, but our minimum annual hosting fee is £295/annum.

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