Email Marketing

Email Marketing, a bit like direct mail does have some drawbacks, but it also produces results and should be part of your Digital Marketing mix.

We work with proper email systems that will give you valuable metrics on the efficacy of your campaign, so get in touch and see how we can help you with this channel.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a fantastic way of engaging with your customer base. You are communicating with people who have chosen to receive your communication so they are open to your offer to start with.

We provide you our email marketing services from our offices in Shrewsbury, Shropshire with clients across the West midlands and whole UK.

What to use Email Marketing for

The three most effective reasons to use email marketing are:

  • Special Offers
  • Invitations
  • Staying In Touch

Special Offers

Special offers are recognised as a classic direct mail technique and they translate well to the email marketing space. An effective offer must provide something of real value to the recipient. Small discounts are unlikely to get the readers’ attention; you have to offer something decent. Setting a time limit on these types of offers is extremely important, in order for the call to action to work.


Invitations to events like seminars, conferences, and other special events are another type of highly effective email marketing. Seminars work particularly well if you are a service industry like an accountant or a lawyer for instance. Repeating the offer is extremely important – sending two invitations spaced apart before the event will increase the number of attendees. Clicking through from the email directly to a web page that permits online registration or RSVP is an effective technique and sending a reminder to people who have registered for the event is a good way to minimize on “no-shows”.

Staying in touch

Staying in touch with customers and prospects by providing useful information through a newsletter is the third way of using email marketing. Rather than offers or invitations, where you are looking to get an immediate response from the recipient, the purpose of sending a newsletter is simply making contact.

Keep the information short, to the point and useful. The content can range from “how-to” tips perhaps to a write up on a recent event.  The originality of the content is very important, as well. Your company’s individuality is your best weapon when it comes to standing out in the crowd against the competition.

Our Email Marketing System

If you are going to use email marketing you should be using a system that gives you some worthwhile metrics on the success of the campaign. You can of course just use Outlook or something similar to send the campaigns but we naturally recommend you use a proper system so you can measure click throughs and the like. Prices start at £25/campaign and cost £0.02/email sent.

Create and send email campaigns

We can design you a template, or possibly a series of templates to use in future.We use our integrated testing tools to make sure they look great in all email programs. Or we can give you account access and let you send your own campaigns based on your designs.

Manage lists and subscribers

We take all the pain out of list management by handling bounces and unsubscribes automatically. Whether you’ve got a small list, or need to go deeper with segmenting, personalization and autoresponders we’ve got you covered.

Reporting and Analytics

You get excellent reports that let you measure the effectiveness of every campaign you send. Go beyond opens and link clicks and measure your campaign related sales, conversions and ROI with our Google Analytics integration. We even show you which email clients your subscribers are using!

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