Drupal Maintenance & Drupal Support

Once your site is built you need to consider Drupal Maintenance and Drupal Support – Drupal, like other platforms is always evolving and your site should be as up to date as much as possible.

Unfortunately the big consideration is your site’s security – hackers are always looking for exploits but Drupal is great at keeping them out – so long as it is up to date!

Drupal Maintenance & Drupal Support

Drupal Maintenance

Drupal is an ever evolving animal, and as such you should have a Drupal Maintenance Contract in place.

The biggest reason is so the site’s security is kept up to date as unfortunately the world of hackers seems to be ever expanding either via human or automatic attacks. One of the big advantages of using Drupal is that when an expolit is identified the Drupal Security team will provide a patch very quickly. We then install the patch to your site so you are kept safe and secure. You should not underestimate the importance of keeping your site secure – whilst some hackers are relatively benign in what they do, others are not so pleasant and your organisation could be seriously compromised.

In addition to suggesting you have a maintenance contract, we actually make it a requirement if you want Morello to host your site.

Maintenance contracts also cover you for both core and module updates.

The cost of your maintenance contract will be determined by the complexity of your site – put simply, the more complex and/or more modules you have the more it will cost you, but we have sites running where the maintenance is £100/month so it is not a major expense considering its importance.

Drupal Support

In addition to providing Drupal Maintenance Contracts, we also offer various Drupal Support Contracts. You may be new to the system and want someone to hold your hand for a while. You may be a pro active web site owner who wants to add new functionality all the time, or adjust what is there already. We will tailor your Drupal Support contract to fit your needs.

Drupal Support Contracts allocate you a set number of hours per month that you can then draw against. You might use your time to add a new feature, discuss a new marketing objective or something else – the choice is yours!

Drupal Healthcheck

Are you entirely happy with the way your Drupal installation is running? Are you having a site built and not confident in the way it is progressing? Do you have a project you satrted and just didn’t get round to finishing? We can work with you to identify the issues that you have, but more importanatly offer you solutions to those issues.

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