The social consumer..a real influencer

I have just been watching a great video with Phillip Kaplan and Brian Solis. They are both highly regarded thinkers in the field of new media. The video talks about the rise of social commerce, and in turn, the level of influence, the social consumer has.

Psychology plays such an important role in social commerce; and it made me wonder just how far we can be influenced within the field of social commerce.

Many consumers review their purchases with a greater purchase or mission in mind. They genuinely want us to eat in that restaurant, or buy this jacket, because it made them feel good; and they want us to experience the same feelings. A positive , warm hearted, genuine, suggested from our friends or fellow consumers, to make our lives better.

There is no getting away from just how much we are shaped by our material environment. Our purchases define us in some way. We have an idea of who we want to be, and then we buy things or live a lifestyle, that is consonant with this vision that we have of ourselves.

So just how far can we influence others through social commerce? A powerful thought backed up with faith, can take us a long way. A firm belief makes great things happen. So my question is can we adapt the social commerce model to the more spiritual side of life? Harness this greater good to make our lives more enriched on a spiritual level as opposed to exploiting it to get 30% off a massage (Groupon) or a voucher for a 2for 1 dinner for example.

We have power now as social consumers. We can influence our friends...they want what we have (keeping up with the Joneses mentality) and listen more attentively to our own recommendations and reviews than those pushed upon them by brands.

So we have the power to become our own brand ...lets try and adapt it to something other than material gain...any thoughts?!

Thanks to Brian Solis, for the thought provoking video..has set the mind racing:)