Small Business or Global does not determine social media success

Through my research on social media, I have realised that there is an element of risk no matter what size your company. You are entering into something with no predictable outcome. One thing for certain is that your customers and your prospects are using at least one social media platform regularly, so you need to be there.

As a brand you are being forced into new domains where you have to earn your footing.  Mercedes Benz Facebook page went from 1000-500,000 fans in 12 months. And then from 500,000 to 1m fans in just 8 weeks. They now have well in excess of 2 million fans. And furthermore, they achieved this without spending a single $ in buying any of these fans through Facebook Ads.

So what does this tell us? We don't need a huge budget. Fans and followers are not bought. We as brands need to earn their loyalty. And this is as applicable to a global brand as a local florist for example.

Mercedes-Benz achieved this by finding out where their customers and prospects are, by LISTENING, and then creating platforms for people to share their stories. People are giving the freedom express the difference the brand has made in their lives. They have not pushed generic marketing messages to a disinterested audience. In fact, they have done the exact opposite.

This is investing in the growth of communities. Enabling conversations that take place in real life to move into the social media space. Your social media space. Provide the platforms for people to share their experiences and you will engage with your customers in a much more meaningful way.