Shropshire e-commerce expo a resounding success

On Thursday, the first Shropshire e-commerce expo took place at the Theatre Severn in Shrewsbury, There is always a certain amount of risk involved for companies when they decide to participate in events like this. There is the opportunity cost of taking staff out of the office for the day, and there are no guarantees in terms of how many people will come, and will it generate any business.
Good for business? We think so:
But any fears we had were quickly dispelled. We felt that the whole event was extremely well organised, and we made some great new contacts. Furthermore, we had a great deal of fun! The seminars offered an excellent opportunity for people to learn more about what the companies at the event can offer their own businesses. Whether it be social media or SEO, we hope that the attendees will have come away a little more knowledgeable than when they arrived.
Going forward:
It is our understanding that the videos of the seminars will be uploaded on to a website once 7video have got them edited. Any one who attended the event, we would love to get your feedback, on what you got out of the day. And, if you need any advice or have any questions following on from our seminars, we would be happy to help!