SEO and Adwords..the 21st century sales team

Many forward-thinking businesses are increasingly reliant upon Google's Adwords system, as a means of generating conversions. It makes complete sense for a whole number of reasons.

The Adwords system is completely user-centric, whether you are someone typing in a search query, or a company looking to sell more of a product or service. It is all about relevance. Ads show that satisfy the user's search query most effectively, and the company benefits because they know that the click, for which they have just paid, is a very qualified lead.

From a company perspective, Adwords can be much cheaper than employing a full-time sales team; with all the fixed overheads that come with that. You can measure exactly how much profit each sale generates (ROI) via a suite of measuring tools that Google offers to its advertisers for free.

How much did it cost to acquire each new customer? You can think about the margin you are looking to make on each sale, and then control the budget you spend on trying to acquire that sale via the Google Adwords/ PPC method. You are in complete control of your budget and who you are trying to target. And in conjunction with Google's measuring tools, you can always look to improve your ROI.

By constantly tweaking your keywords and ad text, you will improve your sales and profit. A free keyword tool from Google, even does a lot of the leg work for you!

Google Adwords works. Our own clients can testify to this. We have increased their sales significantly over the past couple of years. And with complete control over the costs attached to marketing via Adwords, there are no hidden risks.