Selling on need to offer something extra

One of my favourite websites, Social Commerce Today, is a leader in documenting the latest developments in the world of social commerce, facebook commerce, and the psychology behind social shopping.

As more and more brands realise the potential of social shopping, f-commerce is being embraced. Multi-channel retailing is advocated from all sides, but what makes the difference between success and failure?

Facebook commerce is not just about sales. It can tell you a lot about your customers too. Most talk about insight into the they interact with the brand, and the importance of all that. Personally, I think that is all over-inflated marketing jargon. Facebook users react first and foremost to interesting content, and that takes precedence over the brand providing the content. It may enhance their reputation among facebook users if they have had an engaging experience, but content, as always is King.

Mercedes-Benz are masters at engaging Facebook users with their brand through content. They offer exclusive content FIRST to Facebook users, and then they disseminate it via other channels. The point is that by "liking" Mercedes-Benz, you get access exclusivity. And we all crave exclusivity..the flash sales market is indicative of that. But don't take my word on it; Mercedes have well over 3m Facebook users.

Treat Facebook as another sales channel only, with no differentiation on price or content, then your efforts will more than likely fail. After all, why use Facebook to buy things, when there are much more tried and tested channels around. Convenience is something else we crave.

Engage through content. Get people talking about and sharing what you give them. It will get you extra sales.