Mobile retail - the perfect way to buy

Even though buying things with our phones is still more of a novelty than a way of life, this is changing rapidly. Ocado on the Go, for example, already accounts for more than 12% of the internet retail firm's sales today. 21,000 products easily downloadable to a devise, and then synced seamlessly with enables anyone to shop anytime, anywhere. In fact, you don't even need an internet connection. You can be 5000ft underground while you fill up your basket, and as soon as you come back to ground-level, the app places your order. Impressive.

Furthermore, voice functionality allows shoppers to find a product by talking to the app. A barcode scanner also lets you scan the empty biscuit packet once you have devoured the contents. It will automatically then be placed in your shopping basket.

Unsurprisingly, Ocado's percentage of sales generated via mobile devices continually rises. Smartphone penetration in the UK is rising fast, and retailers must get on board if they want growth.

Location-based retail is another factor in mobile retail. The ability for a restaurant or a shop to give special offers to people in the area at any point in time, is an incredible boon to retailers. The fact that people always have their mobile with them, is a major plus. Relevant promotions based on geo-location services or your purchase history will arrive on your screen at just the right time. Now that fueling the impulse buy like nothing that has gone before!