The internet - the domain of oligarchs?

I have recently read in a blog post, that Facebook has now become the same size of the Internet in 2004. There have been an inordinate amount of statistics thrown at us about Facebook's sheer mass and dominance. Rarely a day goes by where it's user base is not compared to some country or region.(For the record, the latest stat. currently has Facebook down as the third largest country in the world by population.
You need two websites nowadays:
One thing that this should flag up for businesses, is that a social media presence, has become, at the very least, as important as your web site. Any product-focused operation needs to be where its customers are. Social media's power to engage an interested audience, and to enable customers and prospects to advocate your brand for free only strengthens this argument.

But there has been a backlash among the Internet population about the control online behemoths such as Facebook and Google seem to have over us. These brands are much maligned in the media..we are constantly told that these people cannot be trusted.
Facebook and Google: Friends or foes??
People have a choice. There are plenty of search engines aside from Google. There are numerous other ways to organise and enhance social lives, or to promote your brand in a positive way, other than Facebook. These are just two of the best at what they do. We use them for convenience and for the quality of their service if nothing else.

If Google started to give erroneous and irrelevant results on a regular basis, we would soon turn away. And the same with Facebook..if it was really that intrusive and "Big-brother"like, we would soon delete accounts...and the population would fall at a much faster rate than Facebook users are currently jumping ship.
Friends for sure:
Rather than being perceived as dominant and oppressive control freaks in the online space, these two brands should be embraced and appreciated for the great things they are. There are very few people reading this, who will not have benefited from either brands myriad of great services. If that wasn't the case, we would soon be off to use someone who could give us what we want!