How can Facebook work for you?

Facebook is online media for millions of people, and therefore needs to be embraced as such. Do not be deterred by the reporting of a slowdown in growth for the second month in a row; or the advent of Google +.

But determining exactly what you can do with Facebook is possibly the hard part. Relentlessly hunting for "likes" is for vanity really and nothing more! It is the equivalent for businesses of individuals competing for the most friends. It has yet to be comprehensively proven to be useful in selling anything. (although we stand to be corrected?!)

What Facebook can be used effectively as is a test bed if you like. You can gauge if something is actually going to work, by actually giving people a taster of a product and then monitoring their reaction. Facebook is the perfect place to set-up the equivalent of the perfect bricks and mortar "pop-up"store. You can quickly see what people think of your new idea and without a great deal of effort or expense.

Facebook is after all where the people are. Furthermore, it is a fast-moving environment where people are looking to access information or items of interest capriciously. They do not expect an immersive or especially refined brand environment.