Google helps you manage your own reputation online

Google has recently introduced a tool whereby we can keep track on what is being said about us on the Web. It is important to realise that much of your online reputation is out of your control. If you are mentioned in a blog post, or tagged on a photo, Google will let you know.

The data can be tracked and recorded via the Google Dashboard.  You can do this by setting up search alerts for data points included in your Google profile, like your name and email address. It has long been possible to set up these type of alerts using another section of the dashboard, but now it takes fewer clicks.

Managing your own online identity and being able to remove content are key aspects of this new feature. You need a Google account of course.

We are in the age of the Super Injunction , and businesses have been created on the back of this. These businesses use similar approaches as we have outlined here to manage the content for both individuals and businesses.

For us mere mortals, we can now keep an eye on what is being said about us on the web. Moreover, it is highly effective, and considerably cheaper than hiring a lawyer and taking out a super injunction!

If you need advice on setting this up, or would like to know more about our own Online Reputation Management service for our clients, please get in touch.