Engagement nothing compared to getting a deal..

Research has come out this morning from eConsultancy and Toluna, indicating that special offers are the key to our heart as Facebook users.

Engagement has been somewhat hard to define in any case. The Cluetrain Manifesto's point that markets are conversations is well-documented, but in the case of Facebook, markets are actually special offers and deals.

It makes sense that with 1 in 11 humans on this planet registered as Facebook users, that companies should focus on exploiting this ultimate shopping mall. Many are active users too, so you can get involved with F-commerce, and provide yourself with a global market in a short space of time.

Therefore it makes complete sense to market to shoppers where they spend most of their time. And the reason they are following you is important. They want deals! Not only that, but if you can attract your followers via special offers, the psychology of sharing can then come into play. Then you have brand advocacy and sales in one hit...