Don't be fooled..content is still King.

Companies are in a mad rush to be seen on all the hottest social networks of the moment. How many people tell you..yes we are on Twitter, Facebook and the Like. But what are they doing there? And are they, and more importantly, the empowered potential customer, deriving any benefit from them being there?

I fear in a number of case, both parties would be forced to say no. Small businesses such as many of our clients, will have a social network presence to build brand awareness and build a community.

But to achieve these goals, I have come to realise, that it is very hard for companies and small business owners. And us, as salesmen! The reason is that social media success requires a number of factors that business owners do not have in abundance. Firstly, patience..these things take time..and lots of effort. When tangible results are not evident within a short timeframe, precious company resources, are usually filtered elsewhere.

The other main contributing factor is our conditioned minds. Not only patience, but also a complete overhaul of thinking is required to ENGAGE in a mutually beneficial manner with potential consumers.

Social media is all about social equilibrium. No more endlessly broadcasting messages to silent audiences. You must engage in a measurable and mutually beneficial way.

But how? Now here's the things. It's all about the 4C's ; thoughtful introduction of content curation and creation, conversation, content and continuity.

You, and us as your social media managers, must come up with creative ways, to recognise the empowerment and influence of customers within the social ecosystem. And how we do that? Its all about the content. Give them something engaging; they will share it with their networks.