Bore your followers..and they will be merciless!

You have worked hard to gain the interest of your followers. To do that, you would have published interesting content across your social media platforms. But the hard part is keeping them interested on an ongoing basis.

A report published today highlights just how fickle your so-called fans and followers can be! And you can hardly blame them. With an unforeseen amount of companies, bloggers, influencers, all vying for their attention, one false move and you will crash and burn.
It's all in the mind
The findings show that not only have a large percentage of people "unliked" Facebook pages in recent months, but that they are becoming much more selective in what they are following. Brands are important to social media users, and a "Like" is a serious statement from somebody. It means they like what you stand for, the content you publish, and where you are going as a brand. But most importantly, for my mind, they are willing to let their friends see that they are following other words, they think that following you makes them look good, and not stupid, in the eyes of their social graph.
Don't become a bore
Companies think they must be continually sending content to their followers. Front of mind is paramount. It isn't. Wearisome reams of uninteresting content is a turn off. Irrelevant and pointless. You wind your followers up and waste your own time. Less is more in this case.

Go on your Twitter page now. I find it difficult to get the bones of a conversation from my followers. When I find something engaging, it sticks in my mind. There are still far too many non-sequiturs and 5 ways to do that and 10 things to avoid etc.

Resist the urge to be on the dancefloor needlessly. Be original. Then you will stick in people's minds for the right reasons.